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Message from President

In order to meet the demand of the rubber industry in 1947, our company was inaugurated as a trading company specializing in fiber materials used by the rubber industry. We have then expanded our businesses to deal with various types of fiber materials. It would be worthy of special mention that we were the first Japanese company which started private trade with newly founded China by establishing a partnership with politicians and business leaders in 1953, 20 years ahead of the restoration of diplomatic ties between the two countries. We have since contributed to the development of the trade between China and Japan by participating in many projects such as petrochemical plants, leading economic exchange, and overcoming numerous difficulties. These businesses established earlier still continue to support our company.

Until today, we have worked to meet the changing trend, needs of our customers and markets by building plants for automobile related materials and ground fabrics for printing blankets in Japan, establishing sewing companies in China and Cambodia, and inaugurating a company for processing automobile related materials in Thailand to launch manufacturing business. In China, we established a domestic trading company and an automobile dealer that have network throughout the country. In addition to those, we organized trading companies in Thailand, Indonesia, and the U.S. as well as an office in Vietnam to expand our activities.

We are combining dynamic functions of our hubs overseas to enhance the global operation system in order to provide our customers with higher quality information and services through solution proposals for their satisfaction. Also, in addition to strengthen corporate governance and compliance, we will continue to make efforts to earn the trust of our stakeholders.

We sincerely hope you will give us your kind cooperation and assistance.

Tatsuya Yoshimura President

Management Policies

1. We will intensify our international operations, expand trade in Southeast Asia and contribute to prosperity of Asia.

Based on abundant achievements as a pioneer in trade between Japan and China and the successful results of manufacturing and sales operations in Southeast Asia, we will be a bridge between Japan, China and Southeast Asia. Also, we aim to contribute to friendly relationship and prosperity in Asia by expanding China-Japan trade.

2. We will demonstrate our strengths as a unique textile/fiber materials trading company with a combination of manufacturer functions and contribute to the development of a prosperous society.

With our expertise accumulated ever since our establishment by the capital participation of leading companies in the rubber and textile industries and our one-of-a-kind achievements of establishing our own manufacturing/sales operations in the field of apparel, printing and automobile parts, we aim to provide products and services that are friendly to environment and people.

3. We respect the individuality of each employee and create a corporate culture full of challenging spirit.

We aim to become a vibrant organization where each individual has one’s own ideas and actively makes proposals in order to create a corporate culture that enables all employees to achieve self-fulfillment through work and social life.