Fiber materials business

Industrial materials

We supply a variety of fiber materials for industrial use, new functional materials to meet the needs of today, and environment-friendly materials to the market.

At the industrial materials department, we develop and supply a variety of fiber materials to respond to the demands of the market by combining our experience and expertise in fiber related materials with the excellent processing and production skills of our collaborating companies. To meet the changing needs of the market, we carry out a wide range of activities, such as dealing with the materials and products from overseas, planning and developing new products as well as locally supplying raw materials for Japanese-owned companies overseas by utilizing the network of domestic and overseas business relations and processing makers.

In addition, we recently started a business dealing with materials for agricultural and forestry use and are developing new products for those two fields using high-in endurance and decomposing fiber materials. Our products are regarded as note-worthy in those fields, such as The net for the growing trees which uses vegetable based materials to prevent damage from animals, The bark guard which does not produce toxic gas when it is burned, and protective fence using Dyneema®.

Industrial Materials

Main Products

Fabric for plastic conveyer belt / Fabric for timing belt
Fabric for plastic hose
Fabric for container bag
Base fabric for tarpaulin
Fabric for emery cloth
Fabric for electric wire cable
Fabric for floor sheet
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Industrial Materials Dept.+81-3-3512-3931/3933
Industrial Materials Group+81-6-6271-1300
Rubber and plastic machine /
Mold Fiber materials for agricultural and forestry use (Products to avoid damage from animals)
Industrial Materials Group+81-6-6271-1300
Cotton linter
Chemicals Dept.No.1+81-3-3512-3938
Fabric for offset blankets
Feather & down
Fiber & Textile Operating Div.+81-3-3512-3932

New Products

Cotton Linter
Receives attention as an environment-friendly cellulose material, which differs from the wooden pulp as it uses cotton balls.
Products to prevent damage from animals
Receives attention in the agricultural and forestry fields for protecting the agricultural products and forests from wild animals with environment-friendly materials.


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